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Emergency Shelter


Children who will benefit from the Open Door Emergency Shelter Care are those abruptly removed from home because of abuse or neglect, those with excessive trauma, those who have run away from home, those transitioning from more restrictive placement, and those who are not able to be adequately supervised by parents or guardian and have become involved with the juvenile justice system.  Open Door offers groups and counseling in a trauma-informed environment.  Both males and females can be served, and referrals can be taken from any Indiana county Department of Child Services or Juvenile Probation office.

The treatment at Open Door is intended to improve decision-making, increase a sense of agency through instruction/guidance, practice, and demonstration of social/emotional learning skills.  Open Door staff members work with youth with severe emotional and behavioral disorders or disturbances whose needs cannot currently be met in a home environment. Our staff work around the clock in a trauma informed manner to support the youth's therapeutic plan, provide the structure youth need to heal, and help them prepare to succeed in a home environment.

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