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Come Volunteer With Us

Mentoring has been shown to be successful. Some of our longer-term residents are here simply because there is nowhere else for them to go. These children desperately need individual attention and strong role models. Volunteers can determine their own time commitment.

Volunteer Residential Staff – Become trained in general staff regulations and volunteer to work a half shift (4 hours) during the week or weekend. It lets the children know someone is there for unselfish reasons, and it provides a small savings to the agency.

When you volunteer you are welcome to show them a skill or teach them a craft.  The kids are always ready to learn something or be involved in a game or group exercise. If this is something you may be interested in, please call and set up a time to visit the shelter and learn more about volunteering.

If you like to garden, we have a 20×30 foot garden ready for you to show some TLC.  The kids would benefit from a lesson or two on gardening from a green thumb!

Have your church, civic group, co-workers, or just a group of your friends hold a fundraiser for us, or help to collect donations of personal care items, office supplies, art supplies, etc.

Volunteer Requirements: Must be 21 years or older (some exceptions for groups) and willing to abide by our behavior and confidentiality guidelines. Some volunteer opportunities require a background check accompanied by a $43 fee.



Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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